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Should You Hire an SEO Agency or An In-House Team?

Internet marketing is growing on a daily basis in all areas of the globe. In such a global climate, it is essential for businesses to have a website and for the site to be visible to a target audience. This means that the website must do more than merely exist, but also have a high listing when a person performs a search in Google, or any of the other search engines. With so many companies completing this activity, you need to wonder how one can both gain exposure and make more sales.

The answer is to use SEO. The majority of successful companies are incorporating SEO practices into their marketing strategies. Of course, this raises another question for the larger companies in particular: do you use an in-house service or outsource to freelance SEO agencies? This article will provide information on both models and help you determine which would be better for your needs.

In-House Search Engine Optimization Services

An in-house SEO service is one that operates as part of the company’s staff. This is highly beneficial as the professionals will have an understanding of the company’s aims, goals, and objectives. It is vital for a team to be fully aware of these factors to create a successful marketing campaign. Furthermore, they will be aware of any challenges facing the company, and this can become incorporated into the SEO campaign.

Another benefit of using an in-house team is the reduction in cost. In many cases, the outsourced agencies are more expensive as they present with additional expenditure; whereas, an in-house team is already part of the company. It is possible that the in-house team will be ‘on the payroll’ as employees of an HR department, but this must be considered and reviewed before making a decision.

By using an in-house SEO team, you will have complete control over the strategies used and their execution. While the professionals will be developing and implementing the tactics, you will have the final say and can contact the experts immediately for any changes you wish to make during the campaign.

Of course, in-house SEO teams do have disadvantages. One of the primary cons of working with this team is that they may not be as ‘clued up’ on changing optimization technology. This can result in outdated practices which can affect the website’s page ranking dramatically. Furthermore, the in-house team may not have access to updated optimization tools, and these will need to be purchased at an additional expense.

Out-House Search Engine Optimization Provider

Arguably, the most significant advantage of using an outsourced SEO company is that you will receive the expertise from a full team of SEO professionals. Yes, it is possible to obtain this from an in-house team; however, the outsourced team will come from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse type of knowledge. Furthermore, the team will work with clients from different industries providing experience with different types of businesses.

By using outsourced search engine optimization professionals, you will not need to spend any time or effort obtaining training or tools for the team. By hiring outsourced professionals, you will be hiring a team who are aware of the latest SEO technology, techniques and utilize the newest SEO relevant software. While it may seem a more substantial initial cost, using a freelance group may be a cheaper cost in the long-term.

Of course, there are always cons to all services and outsourced SEO agencies are no different. One of the most significant drawbacks of using freelancers is that some agencies use black hat or cheap tool-based optimization techniques. These techniques can provide speedy results, but they are not ethical and will not benefit the website as a long-term investment.