Facial Treatment that Can Help Your Skin Look its Very Best

All of us want to keep our skin looking healthy and young, one of the ways to do that is by having regular facial treatments.  There are tons of different facial treatments all meant to treat different types of skin and skin conditions.  Whether you suffer from acne or you have dry skin there is a facial treatment that can help your skin look its very best.

Acne Prone Skin

Do you suffer from acne?  Acne can make you extremely self-conscious about your appearance and acne can be hard to control.  A facial can help you reduce your acne by deep cleaning your pores and removing the acne causing oils.  There will be a mild scrub and steam to help remove the dirt.  Your skin can look shiny and clean at the end.  Regular facial treatments can help you control your acne, here is a look at how they help.

Types of Facials

Paraffin facial: This is a really popular type of facial that will make your skin feel softer and leave your face looking youthful and shiny.  It works for both oily and dry skin and the wax feels warm against your skin.  Once the wax is removed from your skin it takes with it all the dirt and impurities on the surface.

Fruit facial:  These can work really well for people with oily skin but if your skin is sensitive you might want to try something else.  Fruit facials can help to remove black heads and dead skin cells.  These facials are full of antioxidants and lots of vitamins and minerals that leave your skin glowing.

Gold facial:  Yes, gold facials are an actual skin treatment.  There is gold that is mixed in with the specially formulated facial cream and it improves dull and drab looking skin.  It takes away dirt and impurities making your skin look plumper and healthier.


Collagen is great for your skin and there are lots of facial treatments that contain collagen.  As you age the texture of your skin changes and collagen can help you retain younger looking skin.  Collagen is a protein molecule that can brighten and lift the skin make it look younger and glowing.

Facial treatments can be done at home, but they really don’t compare to the treatments that you will get visiting a spa.  Take a day or even an afternoon and pamper yourself, you won’t regret it!

Give Yourself a Spa Break

We all need breaks from our busy lives, some time to recharge our batteries and look after ourselves.  One of the ways to treat yourself is to give yourself a spa break.  Many come to a spa for a day to give themselves a rest and to use the services offered to help them de-stress.  Spa services like massage, for instance can help with things like back pain, sore muscles and headaches.

Spas also offer plenty of aesthetic services as well, everything from mani/pedis to anti-aging facials.  Most spas will offer a whole host of services that you can indulge yourself in.  Walk out at the end of the day, feeling and looking better.

Here are some treatments you can expect in a typical spa:

  1. Facials: A facial can help remove impurities from your skin and leave you with younger looking, glowing skin. There are different varieties of facials that can help rejuvenate your skin after being exposed to pollutants every day.
  2. Body Scrubs: Body scrubs help remove the dead skin cells and impurities from the skin all over your body. Your skin is exfoliated by using a special scrub, the scrub can be made from salts, walnuts, almonds, sugar or some other mildly abrasive natural material. Your skin doesn’t end at your face, give your whole body that youthful look.
  3. Body Wraps: Body wraps enrich your body’s skin with nutrients and moisturizing compounds. Naturally materials like clay are generally  used  in body wraps.
  4. Aromatherapy: Essential oils are used to create pleasing scents that help you relax and reduce stress. The oils can be used in conjunction with other treatments to make them that much better.
  5. Massage: There are several different types of massage that the spa may offer and those can include shiatsu, Swedish, Ayurveda and many more that can help reduce stress, loosen tense muscles and help deal with overall injuries.

Spas are filled with experienced therapists and estheticians and their goal is to give you an experience that you will remember that brings you back often.  They create an atmosphere of calm and quiet so that while you are there you can relax and escape the demands of your daily life.  The goal is to send you home with a healthy body, mind and spirit.  The next time you feel you’re at your wits end, take a day and pamper yourself at a spa.

You won’t regret it!